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Common Questions

Common Questions

Will my baby not be too heavy?

Choosing the right sling for you and your baby will mean you will be able to carry them comfortably. You will of course be able to feel their weight but a lot less than if you were trying to carry them in your arms. If you start to carry your baby in the first couple of months your body will develop and strengthen the muscles used for carrying as your baby grows so you will be able to carry for far longer than you would first think. If you start to use a sling later when your child is bigger you may need to start with short periods of time at first building your muscles up so you don't do any damage. Remember you burn more calories carrying your baby - on average 300 per day extra!

Won't my baby fall out?

If your baby is in the sling correctly they will not fall out, carriers are designed to be very safe.

Will we not get too hot?

A sling is like an extra layer of clothing and your baby- a little hot water bottle so dress accordingly, wear layers so you can take some off. Put jackets and coats over the sling if you can then you don’t have to take the sling off to remove a layer. Keep it simple with baby – the sling is a layer of clothing for them too. Using a gauze wrap or lighter fabric sling in the summer will help and you can get slings designed for the sun.